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Mystery Deck

Wonder awaits in these mystery decks. Each deck has been carefully selected and hidden in a beautiful custom gold and black foil mystery deck cover and hand sealed with a custom wax seal. Decks from Stockholm 17, Kings Wild Project, Oath, Jocu, Art of Play, Theory11, David Blaine, and many more. 

Chance to receive decks valued at $75 or more! Green Gatorbacks, Holo Gilded Wonder Deck, Circus Playing Cards, Gilded Jerry's, and more hidden in these mystery decks. 

Standard ($9) - Each deck is guaranteed to be valued at $9 to $14.99

Premium ($15) - Each deck is guaranteed to be worth at least $15 retail, but several are worth more!

Golden Tickets - Also included in these mystery decks are Golden Tickets redeemable for free products and discounts. 

Chances of winning:

  • 1/100 of getting either a Green Gatorback, Holo Gilded Wonder Deck, Circus deck, Blue Gilded Wonder Deck, or other higher-end deck worth at least $35.
  • 1/35 chance of finding a Golden Ticket.


*Decks will only be sold for a limited time and while supplies last. 

** Decks are packed randomly for shipment and you may receive duplicates. We have no way of knowing what’s inside once they are sealed. Additionally, each wax seal is applied by hand and therefore may have some variations or imperfections. 

*** Decks may include Kings Wild Project, Oath, The Blue Crown, Art of Play, Butterfly Playing Cards, Dan and Dave, Jerry's Nugget, Thirdway Industries, Wonder Playing Cards, Ellusionist, Bicycle, Luke Wadey, Riffle Shuffle, Theory 11, Arcadia, Stockholm 17 and cards from other major brands. 


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