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$5 Mystery Decks

Discover surprise and fun with our $5 Mystery Decks. Each pack comes with exciting variety, brand new packaging and unbeatable value for only $5. Enjoy new surprises every day and unlock the mystery with our Mystery Decks.

  • Limit of 6 per customer.
  • Decks will only be sold for a limited time and while supplies last. 
  • Decks are packed randomly for shipment and you may receive duplicates. We have no way of knowing what’s inside once they are sealed. 
  • Decks may include Kings Wild Project, Oath, The Blue Crown, Art of Play, Butterfly Playing Cards, Dan and Dave, Jerry's Nugget, Thirdway Industries, Wonder Playing Cards, Ellusionist, Bicycle, Luke Wadey, Riffle Shuffle, Theory 11, Arcadia, Stockholm 17 and cards from other major brands. 
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