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Wonder Playing Cards - Ukraine Edition

Experience the splendor of Ukraine with the Wonder Playing Cards - Ukraine Edition. Featuring luxurious soft-touch tuck and stunning yellow gold foil and embossing, these highest quality playing cards offer an opulent experience for any card game. Let your imagination take flight with Wonder!

Millions of Ukrainians have become refugees since the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, marking the largest movement of people in Europe since World War II. Refugees fleeing Ukraine are in desperate need of food, shelter, and medical care.  

Because of this unprecedented humanitarian crisis, we raised over $10,000 that we split between two charities providing direct support for refugees: World Central Kitchen and Doctors Without Borders. Both organizations receive top ratings from Charity Navigator and are actively on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding countries providing humanitarian assistance. 

Here's more information on World Central Kitchen

Here's more on Doctors Without Borders 

 Wonder Playing Cards - Ukraine Edition

The card back showcases the striking 3D paisley design the Wonder decks are known for. However, this special edition is the FIRST Wonder deck to have a dual colorway on the back. Incorporating yellow and blue together showcases the Ukrainian flag colors and highlights the mesmerizing Wonder design unlike any of the prior releases. 

The tuck features the clean and classic design from our Signature Series with bright yellow metallic foil and embossing on a luxurious soft-touch royal blue paper. In fact, the paper stock on this tuck is the same stock we used on the Scarlet Wonders. If you have that deck, you know how luxurious they feel.

The cards are printed on a classic casino-grade black core card stock with an embossed silky-smooth linen finish. 


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